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Game Code (Don not erase)

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Solved Game Code (Don not erase)

Post by Skilled-Programmer on Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:23 am

This code is to a map on Free Rider 2. It is The Ultimate Map Very Happy

I might be adding a Arcade Section, In which I will Sticky: Free Rider 2. Very Happy

-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1j -11 2n -r 3t -m 4t -p 60

-17 77 -1v 8g -2p 9h -3l ak -4l bh -5s ca -70

cp -88 cq -9h cl -b4 cc -cg c3,-cg c3 -e0 bm

-fh b7 -h2 al -ih a1 -jo 9c -kp 8j -ld 7l -lo

6o,-rf 60 -rv 6p -sd 7d -ta 7v -uh 87 -vq 8c

-11b 8h -12m 8k -144 8m -15l 8o -178 8q -18t

8s,-1gk 95 -1hk 8u -1ii 8h -1ja 7t -1jt 74

-1kc 6a,-rc 5v -qb 61 -p8 67 -o9 6f -ne 6m -mm

6r -m1 6t,-2cf a4 -2dk a0 -2eo 9t -2g1 9m -2hb

96 -2il 8e -2jq 7n -2l1 6u -2m9 64 -2nj

5a,-2r8 5k -2sd 65 -2tk 6r -2um 7d -2vr 81

-317 8o -32g 9e -33r a5 -35a au -36r bo -38e

cj -3a4 df -3bq ec -3di f9,-1go 92 -172

8o,-1kg 68 -1m2 6i -1mm 4c -1n6 5d -1o2 6g

-1os 7a -1po 82 -1qo 8l -1ru 93 -1t9 9e -1un

9n -207 a1 -21q ab -23e aj -256 an -270

an,-2ci a0 -26u ak,-3dm fa -3f1 gi -3gf hi

-3i1 ik -3jg jj -3kv kh -3md lc -3o6 md -3ps

n8 -3rn o0 -3tn oj -3vo p5 -41o p8 -43k om

-45g nv,-488 no -49a nm -4aa ob -4b4 ou -4c2

pn -4d3 ql -4e8 rj -4fi sk -4gq tc -4i6 u2

-4jm un -4l8 v6 -4mr vc -4og vd -4q6 vd -4s1

vc -4tu vb -4vr vb -51p va -53n va,-56d ve

-572 us -57i ua -586 u0,-56i vi -55o vi -54s

vi -541 vg -538 ve,-58e u0 -59f uh -5aj v1

-5bi vc -5ct vk -5e8 vp -5fo vr -5hc vr -5io

vo -5k5 vm -5lk vi -5n4 vf -5om vd -5q8 v9

-5ru v6 -5tl v4 -5ve v3 -618 v2,-61e v8 -620

106 -62l 118 -63a 129 -644 13a -657 14c -668

157 -67c 163 -68j 16v -69u 17r -6b7 18e -6cj

190 -6e4 199 -6fn 19e -6h5 19a -6ig 191 -6ji

18p,-6oi 13k -6oi 14j -6ok 15m -6or 175 -6p7

18j -6pl 1ab -6pj 1ce -6or 1ee -6nr 1ft -6ml

1gf -6l6 1gl -6jn 1gg -6ic 1gb -6gr 1g4 -6f9

1ft -6dl 1fl -6c0 1fg -6aa 1fl -68l 1g0 -66t

1ga -655 1gb -63l 1g4 -62h 1fp,-62c 1fq -618

1g4 -603 1gg -5uq 1gs -5td 1h9 -5s0 1he -5qu

1h2 -5q1 1g8 -5pi 1fe,-5n4 1e8 -5m7 1f3 -5lh

1gh -5kp 1hp -5js 1j1 -5ip 1k5##


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